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Voice over for Video Game

Video game French dubbing

Dubbing videogame is part of my favorite voice over projects.
Having myself a passion for videogames, I like to play different characters and take different tone of voice to dub them in French.

Dubbing several characters

Here is a demo that present different types of characters:

The hero character

He can be punchy, take an idiot voice tone or even keep calm and natural. The hero voice is usually sincere, clear and most of the time committed.

The bad guy in video games

The bad guys are funny to play. Some of them need an aggressive voice, dark or even hollow sound.

Here is a demo in French

With audio effect


In addition to the voice over recording, I can put various effect in audio postproduction. So the characters can sound sweeter or harsher for example. (variation of tones and changing EQ etc.)

You need a French voice over actor to dub your video games in French?

Feel free to contact me and let's talk about your project!