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French voice over from Paris

European French voice over with or without a Parisian accent.

Like all French people in Paris this is what I see when I wake up in the morning.

Bonjour, bonjour ! If you are looking for a voice over from Paris, here I am!

I am a native professional French voice over based in Paris. I record from my home studio and in other recording studios in all the Île-de-France region.

I do voice overs in French with a European French accent, but I am also able to do a Parisian accent.

Professional FR voice over

And that's what we eat all day long to stay healthy!

What do I offer? Well, I consider that your satisfaction is the priority. That is why I provide a complete service, from the recording to the ready to broadcast audio file.

First I do the recordings using professional equipment in my home studio. Then, I work on the postproduction and audio treatment of the voice over.  But what if my tone of voice or my interpretation doesn't suit your wishes? No worries, we start again, until you are completely satisfied! This is a free of charges service that I provide for all my clients.

And if you are looking for other FR voice artists, please feel free to contact me, that will be my pleasure to help find good colleagues.

For what type of project ?

I work for various types of voice over projects. You can listen to my demos:

  • Lots for corporate voice overs, like company presentations or educational videos for companies.
  • For elearning projects, it can suits well to MOOCs, online training and company training.
  • Dubbing projects for movies and series.
  • Cartoons and videogames voice actings.
  • IVR or interactive voice response.

Any difference between French voice overs and other voice talents from other countries ?

In France, the voice over talent status is a bit complicated. The voice artists usually use the intermittent du spectacle status. One of the problem with that status is that most of the companies that are not considered in the audiovisual field don't have the possibility to hire intermittents and to pay them. That is why I created a company especially for my voice over activity. Therefore, I am able to send invoices.

Obviously, that's a regular garden we all have in the capital.