Need a French voice over for a commercial ? .

I can either record in a studio in Paris or use my profesionnal home studio, with state of the art audio gear. Remote recording sessions are more than welcome to nail the tone and artistic direction of your commercial.  

English voice over French accented


I have been recording lots of web commercial in French ; Here are a few exemples of comercials French voice overs: 

Internet commercial

Looking for a young punchy voice for your commercial ? I can bring to your commercial conviction, natural enthusiasm. Captivating the attention of your audience.

Feel free to contact me to get a quote or to book me for your voice over session.

National radio voice over in France

You need a French voice actor for a radio spot? Wether it is a national or regional campagin, I do lots of radio voice overs. 

Here are few examples of VO radio spots broadcasted in France:


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