E-learning French voice over .

French Voice recording for a Elearning module

The tone and style is calm dynamic and pedagogic, my phrasing makes your Elearning videos professional, easily understandable and catchy.

Dans cet exemple, le ton est posé, le style explicatif et pédagogique.

Casque 770 DT PRO

Elearning with different voices and characters

Need a synchronised French voice over for your video ?

No problem ! I work with a sound engineer who will sync the timing of the audio file according to your video. My phrasing will follow your video or motion design according your script indications.

Here is an example of sync voice over :

Get a profesionnal French voice talent for your eLearning online course

My voice is very flexible and spread over 4 octaves. Thanks to this ability, I can play different characters’ voices for the same module. I can also record teenager and children voice overs.

Si votre cours d’E-learning comprend plusieurs acteurs, je peux les doubler et donner l’impression que plusieurs comédiens ont fait les voix off de votre vidéo.


If the ton, the phrasing or the style of voice doesn’t suit you. Then my retakes are free of charges. In this way, you can be sure that you or your client will be  satisfied by the result.

Receive a free quote or contact me for any other questions.

Quote for an French E learning voice over

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